Testimonials From Recent Patients

"This is an amazing place if you find yourself in need of PT/OT for your hand or arm. The therapists are fantastic-so helpful and friendly! Can't say enough good things about them"

"I won't say I enjoyed getting hand rehab. I did not. But I will say that, should hand rehab be necessary, Hand and Upper Extremity Rehab in Fairfax is the place to go. The therapists and staff were kind, patient, and knowledgeable. I was very satisfied with their services and they greatly aided in my recovery."

"The staff are extremely friendly and helpful, I was supposed to do therapy for three months, but I gained my strength in two months. The therapist are amazing. I will highly recommend them to anyone who needs them."

"Excellent service that promotes recovery from upper extremity injuries of all types. Therapists and rehab assistants are knowledgeable and friendly and prioritize patient care first."

"The therapists here do amazing work. They are professional, patient, and responsive to your progress. The therapists, along with the office staff, are personable they and work with you to provide the best care possible."

"Excellent service. Personable and professional."

"Great service!"

"I love Hand and Upper Extremity Rehab. The atmosphere is great and the staff is supportive and caring! The therapists are skilled and work with complex hand patients. They guided me step by step to a full recovery!"

"Therapists were helpful in getting me on a routine at home. I always received a good workout and they pushed me to improve. Thank you!"

"Therapists knew and followed a strict protocol. Therapists also knew her stuff!"

"Everything was explained in detail to help me better understand my injury."

"The whole office was very professional. Thank you to the staff!"

"Warm and gracious yet professional. Very knowledgeable and ready with suggestions for any questions or concerns I had. Focus was on my progress!"

"Very kind and knowledgeable therapists. Very helpful and reassuring in my progress throughout my ups and downs."

"I will strongly recommend to other people this rehab center!"

"Very personal and professional attention from all staff and therapists."

"It was a very helpful and comfortable environment. I felt very comfortable with the treatments."

"The therapists were awesome! Would definitely recommend!"

"Staff was very helpful and knowledgeable!"

"Very professional, educational, and motivated to help each patient. Thank you very much!"

"Organized visits. Very efficient! Everyone was so helpful!"

"The entire staff was always so kind and caring."

"I had very good results and I would recommend this place to anybody!"

"Tremendously professional in every way. I would never go anywhere else."

"The changes of exercises from week to week was very helpful. I also loved had great conversations with each of the therapists and staff member's!"