Meet the Director of Hand and Upper Extremity Rehab now owned by Jeter Rehab Therapy.


Emily C. Jeter, OTR/L, MSPT, CHT, is one of the leading Occupational/Physical Therapists in The District and now in Northern Virginia. She has been successfully providing rehabilitation for patients with a wide variety of traumatic injuries and chronic conditions for over 30 years. As a practitioner in occupational and physical therapy, Emily is board certified in hand and upper extremity rehab, Graston Soft Tissue Mobilization Technique, and trigger point manual therapy.

Before establishing Jeter Rehab Therapy and purchasing Hand and Upper Extremity Rehab, LLC, Emily’s career experience includes being Director of Hand & Upper Extremity Rehab at the University of Virginia Medical Center, the program specialist for the National Rehabilitation Hospital Regional Rehab in the Washington DC Metro area, the Division Head for Hand and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation at Bethesda Naval Hospital, and Head of The Hand Rehab Clinic at the U.S. Naval base in Jacksonville, FL. She also was instrumental in establishing the U.S. Department of Defense’s Performing Arts Rehab Clinic at Bethesda Naval Hospital.

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About Our Staff
We have certified hand therapists, therapists with specialized training, and support staff providing specialized programs to assist patients to reach optimal recovery.

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